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Our aim is to provide a much more sophisticated package than presently possible and make it available to students, would-be students and interested Internet users.

You can assist by becoming a "Contributor".
A contributor is an organisation that enters into a collaboration with us. We are seeking collaborations with a representative organisation for each of the groups shown below. Only one contributor from each educational or enterprise area will be engaged at any one time for a particular topic and product.

Universities and Trade Colleges:
The nature of the collaboration would take the form of provision of Question and Answer data on professional or trade topics in exchange for recognition of the Contributors Organisation with every question presented to the players.
Benefits' for contributor: Our target is to have at least 1000 questions on each topic covered which would mean that there are 1000 instances where the University or College name is popped up and prominently displayed to the game players.

Industrial and other Enterprises:
The nature of any proposed collaboration would take the form of provision of video, stop motion video, lapsed time photography, graphic animation or combination thereof (video) by the Contributor that describes the construction and operation of one or more of their products. The level of detail within the video should be such that it provides an additional educational element to the players.
Benefits' for contributor: Our aim is to provide training games that will engage the players interest for the duration of the game. Durations of games will of course vary according to the knowledge of the player and the level of difficulty of the questions presented. We estimate that even on the lowest level of difficulty and detail, a player will be engaged for approximately fifteen minutes, with the higher levels being significantly longer. During this time the Contributors name and/or web address and/or logo will be prominently and continually in view of the players.

All Contributors will benefit from an ongoing exposure of their organisation to a world wide audience.

To become a Contributor contact us by:- E-MAIL or call (+44) 0780 304 8246.

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